A Disgrace to the Family

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There was a young pretty virgin girl who lived with her grandma. She was invited to go on her first date. Before the date her grandma took her aside and said to her, " The boy is going to try to kiss you; you will like that. But don't let him do it. The boy will try to feel your breast; you will like that. But don't let him do it. The boy will try to put his hands between your legs; you will like that. But don't let him do that. The boy will try to get on top of you and have his way with you. Most certainely don't let him do that. He will disgrace your dear family if you let him do that."

The girl went on her date and when she came back her grandma asked her how it went. The young girl said, "It was just like you said Grandma! But, to reassure you. When he tried that business with getting on top of me, I rolled him over, got on top of him, and disgraced HIS family!"


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C35SU_A Disgrace to the Family

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