US Airborn

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The US Airborn squad appointed a new chief commander for training. On the first training mission he finds a soldier who is really scared.

Commander: Son, you don't worry about it, you just keep talking to me with your walkie talkie after you jump and I will let you know when to open your chute!

Soldier: Yes sir. I can never thank you enough for that sir!

And off the soldier jumps in mid air.

Soldier: Sir I am at 20,000 feet. Commander: It's too early son.

Soldier: Sir I am at 10,000 feet. Commander Son, why so nerveous, still too early.

Soldier: Sir I am at 5,000 feet. Commander: Relax, drink something. It's still too early.

Soldier: Sir I am at 2,000 feet! Commander: I said it was too early!

Soldier: Sir I am at 500 feet. ----no reply-----

Soldier: Sir I am at 10 feet, now what? Commander: Oh common, no need for a chute, you can jump it!


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