Picky looks

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Q: Are you going out dressed like that?

A: No, I'm going to strip before I get to the door. A: Yes, all my geeky clothes are in the wash. A: Are you staying in dressed like THAT? A: I have too. It's a law. A: Yes, unless you like what I'm wearing.

Q: Did you get a haircut?

A: No, I got them all cut. A: No, I put my hair in the dryer and it shrank. A: I had too. It was starting to look like YOU! A: No, I had my head enlarged. A: No, it's a tonsorial illusion.

Q: Is that a new shirt?

A: No, I got a new chest. A: It was when I bought it. A: No, these are pants, I just wear them funny. A: It better be, or I'm never shopping at that store again! A: Yes. Some of us can afford new clothes.


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