Punishment for Kicking the Cat

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A family of three lived in a small farm: the parents and a kid.

One day dad went off to work and mom told the boy what his chores were for that day: First feed the pigs, then put the chickens back in the cage, and then let the cows out in the field to graze.

The boy went out to feed the pigs. He was in a very bad mood for having to do such stupid chores, but he didn't want to disobey his mom so he fed the pigs like he should; but he hit them with sticks and grumbled to himself. Next he went to put the chickens in their cage; but while putting them into the cage he started kicking and yelling at them. And last he went to let the cows out in the field; since he was still in a bad mood he started chasing the cows and yelling at them.

Mom saw all this happen and when the boy came back from his chores she told him, "I saw the way you threw stuff at the pigs, so for a week you don't get any bacon for breakfast. I also saw the way you kicked and yelled at the chickens so for one week no eggs or chicken. I also saw the way you chased the cows while putting them out in the field, so no hamburgers for you for a week."

Later that day, the dad came home from a terrible day at work. As the dad walked up to the house he almost tripped over the cat. "Damn cat!" So he kicked it really hard.

The boy turned to his mom and asked, "Should I tell him or should you?"


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