Bye Mom

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I was at a restaurant eating when an old woman came over to me. She smiled sweetly at me and said, "You remind me of my daughter." She sniffled and continued, "She died yesterday." I offered my condolences. She nodded and said, "As I walk away, would you please call 'Bye mother' after me?" I agreed, I saw no harm in that. As I went to pay for my meal, I found that the bill was twice what it should have been. I asked the waiter why it was so expensive. He told me that my "mother" had told him that her "daughter" would pay for it. I payed, what else would I do. Then, I left to find the old woman. I saw her by a fountain and went over and began to yell at her. She ignored me, so I pushed her. Then she leaned over and pulled my leg. Just like I'm pulling yours.


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