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The Potato Head family, consisting of a father, a mother, and three daughters, is at home one night. The eldest daughter comments, "I've got some great news, mom and dad. I'm getting married!" The parents rejoice for several minutes, then the father says, "Honey, whom are you marrying?" She answers, "I'm marrying an Idaho potato." This makes the parents even more ecstatic since Idaho potatoes are the cream of the crop.

The second daughter interrupts, "I don't mean to detract from her excitement, but I'm getting married too!" The parents jump for joy and shout happily, and the mother says, "Okay, who is it?" The daughter responds, "I'm getting married to a Maine potato." Maine potatoes are not as good as Idaho potatoes, of course, but they're near the top, so the parents are pretty darn happy.

The youngest daughter finally comments, "Guess what, folks, I'm getting married as well." By this time the parents are euphoric, delirious with pride and joy, and the father finally asks, "Don't hold it back. Whom are you marrying?" And the daughter says, "I'm marrying Andy Rooney." At this the parents suddenly become stern and respond, "Andy Rooney? How could you? He's just a common tater!"


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