I Want to Live Forever

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A man decided to take a walk after a heated argument with his wife concerning their financial troubles. As he was walking down the street, he noticed a colorful bottle lying on the ground. He decided to take a look at the bottle since its appearance was nothing this man had ever seen before.

As soon as the man touched the bottle, it started shaking... emitting white puffs of smoke. A genie appeared and said:

"I am Genie Of Lantarka and since you have freed me from the agonizing pain I had to endure in this small bottle, I shall grant you three wishes."

"All righty then" said the man. "My first wish is to have lots of money...make me a millionaire, oh great Genie Of Lantarka!"

"Your wish is my command" replied the genie and snapped his fingers. With this, the man was a millionaire and his financial troubles were now non-existent.

"My second wish is to be the sexiest man in the world, oh great Genie of Lantarka" continued the man.

"Your wish is my command" replied the genie once again and snapped his fingers. Almost instantly, the man looked sexier than ever.

"Now you may make your last wish" said the genie.

was one he would never regret.

"Well... now that I have lots of money and great looks... I don't think I'd ever want to die. I could have all the women I ever wanted...buy all the cars I ever dreamed of...Oh great Genie Of Lantarka, I wish to live forever!"

"Your wish is my command" replied the genie and with this, snapped his fingers, producing a great puff of white smoke.

Once the smoke had cleared, it was plain to see what had happened.

The man turned into the Energizer Bunny.


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