Smart Rednecks in Taxi Ride

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Five young men from the country were new to big city travel, but they'd always heard how important it is to stand up for themselves when dealing with cab drivers. They stopped a taxi driver, asking him to take them to airport.

All along the way they kept threatening the driver, saying, "We're smart, mister! Don't take the longest way to airport or we'll know!" They continued to pester him, saying, "We will not pay you anything if you cheat us, mister, so you'd better be straight with us."

When they finally arrived at the airport, the driver wanted to avoid having a hassle with the passengers. Just to be sure he didn't have any trouble collecting, he planned on reducing the fare by one-half of his normal trip rate. He'd already had a long day, and didn't need the problem.

As the car finally came to a stop after a twenty minute drive to the airport, the driver said, "O.K. We've arrived at the airport, and..."

"What's your fare, mister?!" the leader interrupted the driver rudely. "And remember we are smart about you guys," he reminded the driver one more time.

"To show you guys how great I am to visitors of our fine city, I am going to charge you only $10. Normally, I'd charge at least $20.00 for your trip. Please pay that and we'll be square."

"O.K.," they replied.

One passenger to the other said, "We sure showed him, didn't we?" as they paid the driver $10.00 each.


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