Internet Explorer 4.0 Credits

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In Internet Explorer 4.0, click on Help, then About Internet Explorer.

On the form that pops up, hold down the ctrl key while you click and drag the Explorer 'E' in the top right corner over the world icon in the top left corner. Release both the mouse button and the Ctrl key.

Again hold down the ctrl key while you click and drag the Explorer 'E', this time moving it slowly to the right side of the screen. This time it will push the big Internet Explorer 4.0 logo off of the form revealing an Unlock button. Ignore the button because it works without using it as well and can be a little tricky. Now drag the 'E' back over the world icon. (you shouldn't have let go of the ctrl key and mouse button while pushing the logo)

Enjoy the show that follows, I do suggest you read the entire list. Many humorous things to read.


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C2XIS_Internet Explorer 4.0 Credits

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