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Snake Bite

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Two cowboys are riding into town when they decide they need to take a pee. While they are peeing a rattlesnake springs up and bites one of them on their penis. The other cowboy quickly draws his gun and kills the snake. He then looks at his friend laying on the ground in pain and says, "Don't move, I'll ride into town and ask the doctor what we should do."

He rides off into town, finds the doctor and tells him what happened. The doctor tells him the only way to save the man is to make a cut where the snake bit him and suck out the poison. The cowboy rides back. His friend asks, "What did the doctor said?" He replied, "The doctor said that you are going to die."


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by King Funny 1+ years ago

If you havent seen this is a joke website.. THAT was a joke... Im sure you would get on your knees and suck your friend off... even if he hadnt gotten by a snake...

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by FunnyFreakOfThe3rdDynasty !. 1+ years ago

he'd rather have his freind die then suck his penis...good luck in hell dude

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C2TDJ_Snake Bite

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