Three Priests

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There were 3 priests in a railroad station all wanting to go home to Pittsburg. Behind the counter was a very shapely lass. She was amazingly well endowed, and it was obvious she was dressed - almost - to accentuate her attributions. This was embarrassing new territory for the priests so they drew straws to determine who would buy the tickets.

The first priest drew the short straw, and approached the window. "Young Lady," he began, "I would like three pickets to titsburg..." Whereupon realizing his mistake, he lost his composer and fled.

The second priest seeing his companion leave, approached the window. "Young Lady, I would like three tickets to Pittsburg, and I would like my change in nipples and dimes..." Of corse, he also fled in confusion.

Then came the third, stepping up all business he said clearly, "Young lady, I would like three tickets to Pittsburg, and I would like my change in nickles and dimes. If you please, and must I say, if you continue to dress in that fashion, when you get to the pearly gates, I am afraid St. Finger will shake his peter at you!"


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