Would You Like a Wank?

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A middle-aged business man is feeling a bit stressed so he books himself a massage. The day comes and he goes to the parlor. He enters the room, wearing nothing but a small towel to cover his modesty, and waits for the masseuse.

The masseuse enters, and she is the most gorgeous, well porportioned blonde 19 year old he has ever seen. He knows he is going to enjoy this.

As the girl starts to massage, the man begins to feel considerably aroused, and when he is rolled onto his stomach he sees that he has a massive boner, and is worried that the masseuse may see it. She continues to massage, and the man notices that her eyes have been drawn to his growing member. The masseuse leans towards the man and whispers seductively into his ear, "Would you like a wank?"

The man is VERY aroused and nods vigourously. The masseuse leaves the room.

"Oh my god!" thinks the man, "this is fantasic, I'm going to get jerked off by the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen! She's probably off putting on a sexy costume or something!"

Ten minutes pass, and the man is just as aroused as he was before. He is waiting for the big wank when the masseuse opens the door and asks, "Have you finished yet?"


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