If She's Not Good Enough...

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Billy Joe and Emma Sue are a redneck couple, and one day they decide to get hitched. So, both clans come out and do the hillbilly wedding thing--shotguns, whiskey, the whole deal.

On the wedding night, Billy Joe takes Emma Sue out to his father's hunting cabin for their honeymoon. As he's carrying her over the threshold, Emma Sue leans over and whispers in his ear, "Billy Joe, I'm a little nervous. You know, I ain't never been with a man before." Billy Joe's eyes bug out, and he drops Emma Sue right on her ass. He shoots out the door and runs all the way back to his family's house.

After he opens the door, exhausted with the effort, his father says to him, "Son, shouldn't you and Emma Sue be makin' the marriage official right about now?" Billy Joe replies, "I'm sorry, Paw, but I can't marry that girl." "Well, why not?" says his dad. "She said she ain't never been with a man afore." At this, Billy Joe's father nods his head gravely and pats his son on the shoulder, saying "Son, you done the right thing. If that girl ain't good enough for her family, she ain't good enough for ours!"


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