Anything But a Man..

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I'd rather take a dog than a man because at least they're loyal and trustworthy.

I'd rather take a cloud than a man because at least they have a maturing stage.

I'd rather take a survey than a man because at least they care about what you think.

I'd rather take a television than a man because at least they amuse you.

I'd rather take a calendar than a man because at least they're with you all year round.

I'd rather take a toad than a man because the toad has a better chance of turning into Prince Charming than the man does.

I'd rather take a bunny than a man because they're cuter.

I'd rather take a book than a man because they actually tell you what they think.

I'd rather have a cat than a man because if they act up, you can have it neutered.

I'd rather have a car than a man because you can actually get somewhere with it.

I'd rather take a radio than a man because you get to change their stations,

And finally, I'd rather take this stupid joke over a man because at least it tells the truth.


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C2QCF_Anything But a Man..

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