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A scout comes up to a highschool drama student and tells him he could be in a blockbuster movie if he signs with them. The student replies, "Yeah!" and he starts to sign the contract. The scout sees his name and pulls his contract right from his hands. "Is your name really Penis Van Lesbian?!" says the scout. "Yeah, so." "I ain't letting you sign this if you have a name like that!" screams the scout, "You'll just have to change your name." The student sharply replies, "No! This name has been in my family for generations! I can't change it!" "Well," says the scout, "If you don't change it by tommorrow I'll find another actor." and he walks off. The student drives home and thinks about what to do. He then decides that his name isn't that important so he finds a new one. The next day he meets the scout. "So, have you decided on a new name?" asks the scout. "Yep," replies the student, "my new name is Dick Van Dyke."


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