I Ruined the Computer

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Support: Hello, what can I do for you?

Woman: Hello, I have a question.

Support: Well, ask me then.

Woman: I don't know how to start the Computer.

Support: How about pressing the Power-Button?

Woman: The What-Button?

Support: Didn't you ever before use the PC?

Woman: No, it's not mine, it belongs to my son.

Support: Well, why don't you ask him then?

Woman: Because I think I ruined the Computer, and now I wanna test if it still works.

Support: Well, what did you do?

Woman: I cleaned it.

Support: How?

Woman: Emmm...I used water.

Support: Tell me exactly.

Woman: well, I used the garden hose.

Support: The gard...garden...hose?!?!

Woman: Emmm...yes...it looked so dirty.

Support: OK...and why do you think that you ruined it?

Woman: Well, it started to burn, where the power-cable comes out.

Support: You didn't disconnect the power before cleaning the PC with the...hose?

Woman: No, I forgot, but it didn't burn for long, I had sand to throw over it to stop the fire.

Support: Well, and now, what does it look like?

Woman: Hmmm...black...and it smells exciting.

Support: Well, I'm sorry, but nobody on the world could help you with this...I'm sure you ruined it!

Woman: OK....thanks, nice you tried.


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