Hot Dog

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Two college buddies wanted to go drinking one Saturday night. Having only 50 cents between them they devised a plan to get free drinks all night.

They went to a vendor at the corner and ordered a plain hot dog no bun. One of the guys then placed the hotdog in the front of his jeans. They proceeded to the first bar.

Not wanting to push their luck they kept the tab fairly low and when the bartender asked for payment the two gentlemen looked at each other and one guy opened his zipper and let the hotdog protrude while the other got on his knees and placed his mouth on it.

Disgusted with this scene the bartender threw the two out. This went on for about 5 bars when one guy looked at the other and said he was tired of getting on his knees, "Let me have the hotdog in the next bar."

The first guy shrugged the guy off and said, "Oh shoot, I got rid of that thing 3 bars back...."


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