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Sometimes, teachers hear students say the funniest and most embarassing things.... I had an eighth grade class of rowdies one semester not long ago.

One boy in particular, named James Bate was very rough and big and tall for his age. He could be very intimidating to fellow classmates. He had a habit of threatening fellow students in an unusual way. For example, if a student would say something to harass him like, "James, you are so stupid." James would reply with "I'll stupid you!" in his most threatening loud voice.

One day, another boy named Josh decided to upset James by using his last name in an offensive manner. Josh taunted, "Master Bate...Master Bate." And true to his style James replied in his most boisterous loud voice for all of the room to hear, "I'll Master Bate you!"

Not only did James turn red as he realized what he had yelled, but, the boy who decided to taunt him turned equally red. After that, I didn't hear anymore wisecracks out of either boy.


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