Dear Jesus: I'll Be a Good Boy

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There once was this boy and he always got into trouble. One day he and his mother were shopping and he saw this bicycle that he fell in love with. He asked his mother if she would buy it for him and she said that if he became a good boy that she would.

The boy then goes home and writes a letter to Jesus saying: Dear Jesus, I really want this bicycle. If you let me have the bicycle I will be a good boy for a whole year. The boy then folds the letter and puts it in his pocket.

He goes outside for a walk and finds his dad taking in the groceries. All of a sudden, his dad trips on the roller skate he was supposed to put away. His dad starts to yell at him and the boy goes back inside and crosses out the letter. He rewrites it saying: Dear Jesus, if you let me have the bicycle that I really want, I will be good for one month.

Then he walks into his sisters room and starts to doodle on some note paper. When his sister comes home, she begins to yell at him saying that the notepaper he was writing on was her report that was due the next day. He tries to apologize but she wouldn't listen.

He goes goes into the kichen and rewrites the letter this time saying: Dear Jesus, if I can have that bicycle I will be a good boy for a day.

Right when he finishes the letter, his mother screams from the other end of the house saying that he forgot to clean his room. He had been too preoccupied with trying to be good that he had forgotten.

He has lost hope. He tip-toes into his mother's room and carefully takes the statue of the Holy Mary off her drawer. He wraps it in a towel and gently takes it into his room. He places it in his bottom drawer and takes out the letter and rewrites it for the last time saying: Dear Jesus, if you ever want to see your mother again...


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C2HSM_Dear Jesus: I'll Be a Good Boy

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