Dammit Mckinley

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There was a fourth grade teacher, who on the first day of school was taking roll call on her students. She came across one little boy who was named Dammit McKinley. She called him up to her desk and told him, that there was a mistake on his first name. The boy replied no teacher that is my real name. If you don't believe me, call my parents and they will tell you that it is my real name. The teacher called his parents and they told her that Dammit was a common name passed down from generation to generation and when he was born, the name was passed on to him. The teacher accepted that information.

Half way into the school year, she held a spelling bee. The principal came in and sat down in the back of the classroom to watch the spelling bee. The teacher called on a little girl to spell a certain word and she misspelled it. Then the teacher called on a little boy to spell the same word and he missed it also. Little Dammit was waving his hand because he knew how to spell it. The teacher looked over at him and said, "Awe Dammit you can't spell the word." The principal stood up and said, "Well, hell give him a chance."


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