If God Made Software ...

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If God made software ...

... It would always work, and work perfectly every time. ... It would have every feature a user REALLY needed. ... The software would never expire or go out of date. ... It would come with automatic back-up and rescue utilities. ... It would recommend votive candles for installation, training, and support. ... Upgrades could be installed with a little extra effort on the user's part, but would come with built-in support. ... Help would be available 24 x 7 at no charge. ... Support calls would never have busy signals or voice menus. ... Support for the product would never be discontinued. ... It wouldn't be junk. ... It would be compliant for all millenia. ... Help for one application would work for all other applications. ... Games would teach us important life lessons, too. ... It would be immune to viruses (and XXX web sites). ... It would work on every hardware platform and every user configuration. ... The software would work particularly well when the hardware was failing. ... You wouldn't need any kind of special peripheral device or internet connection. ... You should always have enough memory to run it. ... A monopoly would be a good thing.


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