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The Teacher's Attires

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When I was in 6th grade, at a boy's school, I had a teacher named Miss Tucker. She had just turned 23, and all of the guys thought she was really hot. She said, that if we got this problem on a test right, she'd wear tight clothes on to school. Fortunately, we got it right, so she kept her end of the bargain, and the next day, she came in a tight set of clothes. The next day, she said that if we got the problem correct, she'd wear a bikini to school. We got it correct, so she wore a bikini to school. The next day she said the same thing, yet she'd wear leaves on her to school. So as usual, we all got it right, and she wore leaves to school. The next day, she said if we all got the problem correct, she'd come to school, nude. Sadly, we all got it wrong. After the bell rang, we all went home, in complete sadness, except for one little boy. She said, "What are you waiting for?" The little boy just replied, "I'm waiting for fall to come."

PS. If you don't get, she was wearing leaves...and when fall came...aww, forget it!


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C2GRK_The Teacher's Attires

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