Robot Secretary

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John goes to visit Dave in his office. Dave tells his secretary to go get some coffee. When she comes back John sees a beautiful woman and asks Dave where he found such a secretary. Dave replies, "She's actually a robot. She does what ever you want her to do. She could even have sex with you if you like."

John asks if he could give her a try. Dave replies, "Sure, all you have to do is take her into the room and press the button and she will know what to do."

So John took the robot to the room and got it going. A little while later you hear a loud scream of pain from the room. Dave yells to John, "Oh sorry, I forgot to tell you that she is a pencil sharpener from behind."


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by Bunny Man 1+ years ago

OWCH! That teaches me to never go from behind!

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C2GJC_Robot Secretary

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