"Uncle Gary Finally Got A Job..."

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My son was in the Air Force and because he flies, when we were discussing where he was at any given time we would say, "He is flight planning..." "He is flying..." "He is TDY..." "He is at the Squadron..." This would more or less give us an idea of when he would be home as each statment meant a different amount of time was required, based on what he was doing.

As my son made a career of the Air Force, my granddaughter has grown up hearing us make these references to where my son is. One day when she was about 8 my son and his wife were staying with us as he had just transferred to a base close to home. When my granddaughter got up in the morning, her first question to me was, "Where's Uncle Gary." Without thinking about having to 'define' it for her, I simply said, "He's at work." With that her eyes got big and she looked up at me and said, "You mean Uncle Gary finally got a job?!"


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C2DBR_"Uncle Gary Finally Got A Job..."

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