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Aussie Men

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How do you get an Aussie on the roof? Tell him drinks are on the house.

Why do Aussie men wear short trousers? To keep their brains cool.

Why do Aussies put XXXX on a can of beer? The can't spell beer.

Whats an Aussie man's idea of foreplay? Digging his wife in the ribs saying, "You awake? Okay brace yourself."

What do you call the useless piece of skin on the end of a penis? A man.

Why do Aussie men suffer from permature ejaculation? Because they can't wait to get to the pub and tell their mates about it.

Whats the Aussie man's idea of a seven course dinner? A hot dog and a six pack.

Why don't Aussie men get piles? Because they are perfect aresholes.

Why do Aussie men have a clear top on their lunch boxes? So they can tell if they're going to work or coming home.

Why wasn't Jesus Christ born in Australia? Because they couldn't find three wise men and a virgin.

Why are Aussie men like toilet? They're either engaged or full of shit.


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