Nuns outside the Whore House

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Three nuns were standing on a corner one evening collecting for the cause. Across the street there happened to be the local whore house. They happened to notice that Pastor Jones of the Protestant community sneaking into the place and one of the nuns whispered to the others, "If only his flock knew he was going into a wicked place to commit sin...they would be outraged!"

A bit later, Rabbi Rabinowitz was seen sneaking in and the nun said to her sisters, "If only the Jewish community knew their Rabbi was in there committing sin with wicked women, they would be outraged!"

A little while later, Father Flannigan was observed by them sneaking into the same whore house. "Oh dear," exclaimed the nun, "someone must be very sick in there for them to call the dear Father out at this late hour."


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C26QS_Nuns outside the Whore House

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