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A guy in a supermarket goes up to the cashier and places two cans of dog food on the counter. The cashier asks, "Do you have a dog sir?" "Yes" he replies. "Well where is the dog?" asks the cashier. "My dog is at home" replies the man. "To be able to sell you the dog food sir, I must see the dog. That is store policy", says the cashier. So with that the man leaves the dog food and leaves the store.

Next day the man goes back to the same store, grabs what he needs and goes to the same cashier. He places two cans of cat food on the counter. "Do you own a cat sir?" asks the cashier. "Yes I do", replies the man. "Well where is your cat sir?" asks the cashier. "My cat is at home" says the man. "Well I am sorry sir. Store policy. I must see the cat before I can sell you cat food" says the cashier. So with that the man leaves the store empty handed again."

The next day the man returns to the store and walks directly to the same cashier. He has a brown paper bag in his hand. "Here," he says to the cashier, "put your hand in here." So the cashier puts her hand in the brown paper bag. "It is all soft and warm" she says. "Yes, that is right" says the man, "I need to buy two rolls of toilet paper.


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