Trip to Newfoundland

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HALIFAX TO GANDER 12 DAYS - 4 NIGHTS JAN. 21 - FEB. 30 Itinerary

1st Day: Leave Halifax International Airport 4:35am. All passengers travel first class aboard Air Newf's Uni-Engine Jumbo Jet. 2nd day: In Air 3rd day: In Air 4th day: In Air 5th day: Arrive Gander 9:00pm and on to Gander Curling Club, 3rd floor, basement annex for box dinner of clam chowder and soda crackers. 6th day: After breakfast, complete city tour of gander, 9:30am-9:30am. Free time for shop lifting followed by a fabulous 9-course meal consisting of: Rabbit Soup, One Seal Flipper Pie, Cod Bits and a Six-pack. 7th day: Tour of countryside in the comfort of a U.S. war surplus Jeep left behind after the historical American evacuation. 8th day: Back to town for a tour of the new Civic Library. Everyone will get to see the book. 9th day: Board waiting Jumbo Jet to the Mainland. Only three quick stops (two for fuel and one for directions.) 10th day: In Air 11th day: In Air 12th day: Arrive Halifax between 10:00am and Midnight, depending on weather conditions and fuel supply.

ONLY $49.50 per couple.

* Includes transportation, meals, drugs, tours, transfers, hotel, first aid and parachute (opens on impact) *


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C25WX_Trip to Newfoundland

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