A Visit to Hell

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A man died and went to heaven. After an eternity passed, he asked St. Peter to let him visit hell because he was tired of the monotonous life in heaven. St. Peter agreed to let him go for one night.

"Devil, I'm spending a night here," the man said on arrival. "I've been told hell is great fun."

"Welcome," replied the devil, presenting a beautiful woman to the man. The next day, the man returned to heaven full of happiness. An eternity later, he asked St. Peter to let him visit hell again. The devil provided him with the company of an attractive model and again the man was ecstatic when he returned to heaven.

An eternity later, he deicided to move to hell permanently. St. Peter tried to persuade him to stay, but eventually was forced to let him go. Arriving in hell, the man told the devil he had come to stay permanently. The devil invited him in, but this time an old and withered hag with dirty, smelly hair greeted him.

"Where are the beuatiful women I had before?" asked the man, horrified.

"Well, my friend," the devil replied, "tourism is tourism, but permanent residency...now that is somthing else!"


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