How's My Cat?

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Jim asked his friend Terri if he would watch his cat while he's on vacation. "Not a problem." Terri says. One day after his vacation starts Jim calls Terri to see how his cat is doing. Terri tells him the cat died.

Jim goes beserk, "Why on the first day of my vacation do you tell me my cat died. You could have said she was missing, then the next time I call you could of said she was in the tree but you couldn't get her down. Then when I call again you could say she is on the roof and you're trying to coax her down. Then the next time I call tell me she fell off the roof and died. This way I could enjoy my vacation while you strung me along about the condition of my cat. Is there anything else I should know?"

Terri replies, "Yeah, your mom is up on the roof. Follow this up with a nice rim shot!"


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