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1. If a fly went into your head it'd be a space invader 2. You have a mind like half a dictionary, it never gets to 'think' 3. I like the way you talk, except for two things - my ears 4. You sound so good when you sing solo - so low nobody can hear you 5. The last time I saw something like you, it was swinging off a tree branch at the zoo and eating a banana 6. Roses are red, violets are blue, the tap in the kitchen reminds me of you--drip, drip, drip 7. Don't worry if your job is small and your rewards are few, remember that the mighty oak was once a nut like you! 8. If you had a brain transplant the brain would reject you. 9. Learn from your parents mistakes - use birth control 10. I heard you were at the dog show! Who won second prize? 11. You have a wonderful face. One look and people wonder. 12. I have seen better heads on matches! 13. Your mouth reminds me of a bike without breaks. It can't be stopped. 14. The rain makes all things beautiful The flowers and grasses too If rain makes all things beautiful Why won't it rain on you? 15. You have two ears and one tongue so why don't you listen twice as much as you talk? 16. Germs must love you, you're sickening! 17. Vampires must love you, you're such a pain in the neck. 18. Help reduce air pollution - stop breathing! 19. You grow on people, like a wart. 20. You have such a big mouth you could eat a banana sideways. 21. If I took an aspirin would you go away? 22. Knock knock Who's there? Boyer Boyer who? Boyer not much in the brain department! 23. You're so stupid that when you got a job as a babysitter, you thought you had to sit on the baby! 24. You think you are top guy The way you shout and pose But every time I look at you Your finger's up your nose! 25. You're such a cheapskate, you ate baked beans all week so you could have a bubble bath on saturday 26. I think I think I smell a stink, I think I think I do. I think I think I smell a stink, oh it's only you! 27. Knock knock Who's there? I'm up I'm up who? Oh that's a relief, I thought I'd stood in something 28. If I gave you a towel, would you dry up? 29. Mummies must love you, you're so wrapped up in yourself 30. Q - How do you keep an idiot in suspence? A - Tell you tomorrow!


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C20UQ_30 Insults

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