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It's That Damn Cat Again!

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3 friends, one really smart, one about average, and one a total idiot, are out on the road one night when their car breaks down. Luckily there is a nearby farm, and they walk to the house and talk to the farmer. "Well," says the farmer, "I can let you three stay the night in the barn, but I better not catch you going up those stairs." He points to an old wooden staircase on the side of the house leading up to a door. "Why not?" One of them asks. "My daughter's up there, she's a virgin, and she's gonna stay that way, or I'll have to get out my rifle. Understand?" The 3 guys nod their heads and the farmer goes in the house. Then, they hear a whistle from above, turn and see the farmer's daughter standing in the door at the top of the wooden staircase. She's (of course) beautiful and stark-naked. "Hey boys," she calls. "I'm awfully lonely..."

The dumb guy starts toward the wooden stairs, then the smart one pulls him back and says, "You idiot, remember the gun?" And drags him and the other friend into the barn. None of them can sleep that night, wanting the farmer's daughter so bad that it's made them really horny, then the smart one hears a sound rustling the hay. He sees that it's a cat, it meows and runs away. Then he gets an idea.

The other two watching, the smart one makes for the staircase. He steps up slowly, then gets to one bad stair and it creaks. The farmer comes running out with the gun, "Who's out there?" So the smart guy goes, "Meeoooww!" The farmer goes, "Aw, it's just that damn cat again." and goes in the house. So the smart guy goes upstairs and screws the daughter.

Little while later, the average guy decides he's gonna try it. So he gets halfway up the stairs, and that same one creaks. The farmer runs out with the gun, "Who's out there?" He goes, "Meeeooowww!" and the farmer says, "Aw, it's just that damn cat again." and goes in the house. So the average guy goes upstairs and screws the daughter.

Little while later, the idiot friend just can't stand it anymore. He gets halfway up the stairs, the same one creaks, and like before the farmer yells, "Who's out there?" To which the guy replies, "It's just that damn cat again."


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by naderay a. 1+ years ago

ahhhhhhh!!!!!!! it was to loooong to read!!!!! DANG!

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C1ZLW_It's That Damn Cat Again!

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