The Mysterious Well

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Three men walk in a desert. Out of nowhere they see a well. Since they were very thirsty, and wanted to drink, they had to calculate the depth of the well.

So they threw a little stone in and waited for the sound. They waited, and no sound was heard.

They wondered about the depth of it and decided to throw a bigger stone. Still nothing. Complete silence.

They were very amazed by the silence and found this huge rock and pulled it up, all together into the well.... They threw it in and, swoosh! Nothing. Not a sound! After a few seconds they saw a sheep running in an amazing speed all the way into the well!

A few minutes later a man ran towards them and asked them if they saw a sheep around there. They said they saw her running into the well. The man replied, "What? How could that be? She was tied to a huge rock!"


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