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A little girl takes the elevator on her way to school. The girl hasn't finished her homework, as she is stuck with one of the questions. Next to her in the elevator there is a housewife, an accoutant, and a lawyer.

"Excuse me", she says, speaking to no one in particular. "Could anyone please tell me how much is 3 times 4?"

"Why, twelve of course, little girl", answers the housewife, somewhat detachedly. She steps out at the next elevator stop muttering something about laundry and cooking.

The girl seems no to be happy with the answer, so she looks at the accoutant expectantly. He sighs, and tries to do some mental calculations. "I'm not sure", he finally offers, "might be 11.99 or 12.50. I need to run these numbers on my spreadsheet to make sure."

Of course she is not happy with this answer either, so she turns to look at the lawyer. The lawyer smiles confidently at her, discretly signaling her to wait. When the accoutant finally steps out of the elevator, the lawyer kneels down to her and whispers, "how much do you want it to be?"


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