Flesh from my flesh

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This guy's been waiting outside the maternity room for what seems to be hours now. As he paces the room back and forth, he is relieved as a nurse finally comes out of the room and addresses him:

"Mister Doe?" she asks cheerfuly. "Yes...?!?" "Delivery was uneventful, your wife is fine and you're now father of a 5 pound baby..." "YES! I'm a father! Nurse, I want to see the baby now...!"

"Of course, sir." She replies. Then her voice looses some of its charm as she announces, "but there's something you gotta know before you see him..." "What is it?" "He was born with certain... deficiencies" "Deficiencies?" He says, suddenly afraid. Then he brightens up, "I don't care, I'll love him anyway! It's blood from my blood and flesh from my flesh!"

"All right. The baby was born without legs..." The man covers his face. "No legs." He sobs, then collects himself. "No matter. I'll love him anyway! It's blood from my blood and flesh from my flesh!" "Yes sir... but there's something else." "The... there is?" He ventures, trying to get himself ready for what might possibly come. "What is it?" "He also has no arms." "Armless." Again he sobs but manages to calm down. "He's still blood from my blood and flesh from my flesh! I'll love him anyway!" "But... there IS something else sir."

This time, he just pulls his hair uneasily, not knowing how to handle it.

"WHAT is it, nurse?!?" "He's also missing... his... torso..." "No torso." Again he cries and tries to fight himself back into serenity. "I'll love him anyway! He's still blood from my blood and flesh from my flesh! Please, let me see him!!!" "Just one more thing sir."

At this point, he doesn't know how to cope anymore, so he just yells "Please! Tell me what it is, quickly, and let me see him!" "The extent of his deficiency also deprived him of brains, a craneum and most of the features on his face."

He slumps into a couch, a hand on his forehead. "Just... just bring him here, will you?"

She disappears behind the white doors and quickly returns with an enormous ear almost three feet long. She places it in his arms. "My son! No matter what you are... I'll love you anyway! You're flesh from my flesh and blood from my blood!"

"Sir", says the nurse, "you'll have to speak up. He's also deaf."


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