Old Tub

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Three young ladies are driving along through the countryside in their convertible with the top down on a hot summer day. The driver slows down and pulls off the road beside a beautiful pond.

"Last one in is a toad!" The driver yelled as she sheds all her clothes running to the pond. The others did the same. The day was so hot, the water was so cool they were frolicking and having a good time, when suddenly at the waters edge appeared a big burly farmer with a shotgun over his arm.

"Ladies, I'm sorry to have to break this up, but you're tresspassing and you'll have to leave."

The driver of the car, the more adventurous of the three noticed an old wash tub at the side of the pond so she carefully manuevered over to it and picking it up by the handles held it in front of her as she rose up from the water to confront the big guy.

"Look," she said, "It's a very hot day, we're not hurting anything and we'll be gone in a few minutes."

"Sorry mam, but you are tresspassing and you'll have to leave now."

Getting a little braver now the young lady, walked toward the farmer holding the tub in front of her and said, "You think you're a big tough guy standing there with that gun don't you?"

"No mam, not at all. But I'll tell you what you think."

"Oh really? Tell me what I think!"

"Well, mam, you think there's a bottom in that old tub."


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