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Ebonics Phrase English Meaning -------------------------------------------------------------------- Let's get Jiggy with it. Shall we go Party? Let's roll to my crib. Shall we go to my house? Where my Dawgs At? Hello my friends What the dilly yo? What is going on? I'm packing heat. I have a gun at the current time I smoke mad weed. I have used a large amount of marijuana That was off the hook! That was quite amazing! That joint was hot! That song was very nice Phat, your Phat! You are a very cool person You My Boy! You're a very good friend of mine Lets chill at my 'hood. Shall we visit my neighborhood? That's wack. I greatly dislike that Why you tripping? What's your problem? You so crazy. Your a very crazy person Keep it real. Continue to be your cool self WestSide!!! I support the west coast EastSide!!! I support the east coast I'll bust a cap in yo ass. I will shoot you Hit a freestyle. Make a rap song from the top of your head


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