Half Blind Hunter

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Two best friends went hunting for ducks, along with a dog. One hunter had 20-20 vision, but the other was half blind. The man with great sight shot a duck. "Nice shot!" Said the other. The dog ran over to the duck and dragged it back, then went back out and waited for one of them to shoot down another. The man with great vision said, "Okay, now it's your turn. You shoot one down. I gotta take a leak." "Okay." The other said. So while the 20-20 vision guy went to take a leak, the other came running up to him and said, "Hey! Guess what! I just shot a duck in two parts of his body with one shot!" The other wondered, "How the hell did you do that?" The guy with bad vision said, "I shot his foot while he was scatching his head with it. The bullet went right thought his foot and into his head." The other yelled out, "YOU IDIOT!!! DUCKS DON'T SCRATCH THEIR HEAD WITH THEIR FOOT!"


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