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Signal for farmer's wife

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A young farmer couple got married, and they just could not seem to get enough loving. Just before leaving the house for the fields at dawn they made love, and when the husband returned home in the evening they had another go, both before and after supper, and then again a few more times during the night.

The problems only happened during the day. The fields were far away from the house and the young man lost half an hour each time traveling home and back again at noon. Finally he decided to consult a friend a friend, the town's doctor, about what to do.

"Easiest thing in the world, Homer," said the doctor. "You take your rifle out with you every day don't you? When you feel like you're in the mood for some loving, just fire a shot into the air as a signal to your wife, for her to come out to you. That way you won't lose any working time."

Homer tried his friend's solution and it seemed to work pretty well for a while. One day though, the doctor stopped by the house to pay a social visit and noticed Homer sitting alone inside looking very somber.

"Homer, what is wrong with you? My idea did not work? And where is your wife?"

"Oh it worked just fine," said Homer. "Whenever I got in the mood I fired my rifle, and Beckie come runnning. Then we'd find a secluded place and make love, then Beckie'd go home."

"Homer, what's the problem?"

"Well Doc, I think I over did it. You know, I ain't seen hide nor hair of Beckie since hunting season started."


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