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Eggs without yolks

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A man once went to a store to get some eggs and when he got home decided to make himself some scrambled eggs. But as he broke the eggs he found out there were no yolks. What!!! he gasped and went back to the store where he angrily yelled at the lady there.

"There were no yolks." He complained. And to prove him wrong the lady brought out some eggs from the store and broke them. "I don't understand." She cried as she looked at the eggs which also had no yolks.

They then decided to drive to the farmer who supplied the eggs, but the farmer found it hard to believe. "Nah! all my eggs have yolks." And to prove it, he brought out three freshly laid eggs. Crack! Crack!! but these too didn't have yolks.

As they all tried to explain this problem, a hen ran past them and chasing her was a cock who was ready to have a good time. The cock caught up with the hen and as he was about to start the job, everyone gasped at what they saw!

The cock was wearing a condom!!!


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C1MXV_Eggs without yolks

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