Taxi Driver

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One day 7 year old Pete's grandma decides that Pete should go and stay with his parents for a while. She calls a taxi and tells Pete to get in. Then she goes round to the taxi driver and says:

"Listen, I'm giving you the money now. Just drop him off where I told you to. But be careful, he's a witty little squirt, so whatever he says, don't answer him."

The taxi driver says OK, and they go off.

After a few minutes, Pete gets bored. He leans forward towards the cab driver and says: "You know whaaat, if my mommy was a doctor and my daddy was a doctor, I'd be a doctor tooooooo." The driver doesn't even look.

Then Pete says: "You know whaaat, if my mommy was a teacher and my daddy was a teacher, I'd be a teacher toooooo." The cab driver silently clenchs his fists, but still holds himself.

But Pete says: "You know whaaat, if my mommy was a dentist and my daddy was a dentist, I'd be a dentist tooooo."

The driver, unable to hold himself, stops the cab, turns around and shouts: "Well you little bastard, what'd you be if your mommy was a bitch and your daddy was gay?"

"A taxi driver of course," replies little Pete.


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