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Sex in the School

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After school one day Johnny Go Deeper went up to his beatiful teacher and said teacher-take off your shirt. The teacher replied NO! He said if you don't I'll cry so she said alright and took it off.

He now said teacher take off your skirt and she replied NO! he then said if you don't I'll tell the prinicpal. So she said fine and took off her skirt.

Next Johnny said, teacher take off your bra and underwear and she said NO WAY! So he said if you don't i'll cry so she agreed and took off her bra and underwear.

Next Johnny said teacher will you have sex with me? ANd she said ABSOLUTLY NO WAY JOHNNY!! And he said if you don't, I'll cry. SO she said fine Johnny. So they started to have sex.

Just then the principal walked and yelled JOHNNY GO DEEPER!! Then the mother and father walked in and yelled JOHNNY GO DEPPER!! then his sister walked in and yelled JOHNNY GO DEEPER!! All Johnny could reply was I can't, I'm stuck!


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C1LBY_Sex in the School

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