What Can Bill Gates Do With His Money?

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At last count, Bill Gates had an estimated net worth of $42 billion dollars ($42,000,000,000.000).

He has earned since his birth an average of $32.31per heartbeat, and this is escalating. Here are some things he could do with his money:

* Pay NBA MVP Michael Jordan's salary for 1,394 years.

* Give every man, woman and child on the face of the Earth $7.46.

* Pay every California Lottery prize for the next 34 years.

* Fund 158 Mars Pathfinder missions.

* Fund the US Department of Education for 19 years.

* Pay tuition for the residents of Seattle and Tacoma to go to the University of Washington for four years.

* Fund the US presence in the Persian Gulf for 11 months.

* Fund the US peace keeping forces in Bosnia for 157 years.

* Buy 233,346,297 copies of Microsoft Windows 95.

* Buy 1,680,000,000 copies of his own book, buy more with his royalties from those sales, continuing the cycle and easily the best selling author of all time.

* Make Hanson the most successful musicians of all time by buying 3,529,411,765 copies of "Middle of Nowhere."

* If he wanted to challenge George Lucas (worth only $2 billion), he could make 227 sequels to "Waterworld," or 35,000 sequels to "Sling Blade."

* At the median donation for spending a night in the White House, he coulds tay in the Lincoln Bedroom for 46,300 years.

* If he wanted to go on a killing spree in Los Angeles County, at the rate that Simpson was charged, he could kill 3,360 people and pay all his attorney fees and punitive damages.

* At the rate of 1/2 ounce per $27 million, he could pay Mike Tyson to eat 1/5 of Evander Holyfield.

* He could fly from Seattle to Paris and back on Air France 45,258,621 times.

* If he wanted to go to a local baseball game, he could buy Seattle Mariners season tickets, all of them, for 411 years, and with his spare change could buy the team and the Kingdome.

* At Denny's, he could buy a "Grand Slam Slugger Breakfast" for 9,150,326,797 people.

* If he couldn't get service, he could buy every man, woman and child in China a Big Mac Extra Value Meal, as long as no one "Super Sizes."

* If they preferred, he could buy 17 billion packages of Top Ramen noodles.

* He must like coffee, and could buy over 6 billion pounds of French roast at his local Starbuck's.

* Speaking of a cup of coffee, he could support one of those Sally Struther's foreign kids for 113,341,969 years. Perhaps what he need to spend money on most is a new pair of glasses and some hair conditioner.


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