Terrorist pranks

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One day a group of terorists decided to play a little joke for themselves. They gathered a knife, a sword, and a bomb. They took their materials to the helicopter and flew over a small residential area. First, they took the knife and dropped it. They flew a little bit further, took the sword, and dropped it. They flew even further, took the bomb and dropped it.

They flew down, got out of the chopper, and went to the first house. They found a little boy who was crying. They asked the little boy what was wrong. The little boy said, "A knife dropped from the sky and killed my daddy." The little boy then resumed to his crying.

The men then went to the next house. There they found a little girl crying. They asked the little girl what was wrong. The little girl said, "A sword dropped from the sky and killed my mommie."

The men were now eager to see the last house. They ran to the next house and saw a little boy standing in front of what once was his house--laughing. The men went up to the boy and asked, "Little boy, what's so funny?" The little boy replied chuckling, "My daddie farted and blew up the house!"


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by Taxon n. 1+ years ago

this is all wrong nothin funnie about people dying or terrorrists they blew up our twin towers

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