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Profanity in the Courtroom

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There were 4 brothers. One night the oldest brother had a date. So the three younger brothers decided to follow and spy on the older brother. Right off the bat, the older brother takes his date to the park, where one thing leads to another. Pretty soon, though, along comes a policeman and catches the older brother and his date screwing on the park bench. So the cop issues them tickets to appear in court.

Just as the cop was about to leave, he notices 6 pairs of eyes looking out of the bushes. He tells them to come out and lo and behold, it's the 3 youngest brothers, to whom he issues tickets to court as witness's.

So, court day arrives,and the Judge calls the next to the oldest little brother to the stand and says, "Son, I want you to tell the court what you saw your brother and his girlfriend doing on that park bench!" "Well", says the little boy, "they were fucking!!" Old judge slams down the gavel and yells, "Profanity in the courtroom! 10 dollars!!" The little boy pays the $10 and leaves. The next brother is called, asked the same question, and gives the same answer, with the same result--10$ fine. He pays and leaves also. So the judge calls the youngest brother to the stand, but before he can say anything, the judge says, "Son, I don't want any profanity used in my courtroom!!" The little boy nods that he understands,and is asked the same question as the others. He responds, "Well, judge, it's like this: Ten toes up, Ten toes down. Two big hineys going round and round. The meat came out, the meat went in. If that ain't FUCKIN, you can charge me 10!!!!"


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by Dashelle S. 1+ years ago

6 "pairs" of eyes implies 12 eyes, therefore 6 people, not 3.

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C1D6E_Profanity in the Courtroom

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