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I'm eighth grader that goes to ASD middle school, and you know I've discovered that the average day of a middle schooler can be described with three words: fail, grounded, detention.

You know every time I walk into my science teachers class I get scared. He stares at me with those two little evil eyes of his. It's just like he could melt all those metals he's always talkin' about. One time he brought me into his class for a student-conference and those eyes just dug into me, he was tellin' me some crap about not listening in class, I dunno I wasn't really payin attention, but anywayz he must have melted my brain because on the next test I got a 64%, it took me 2 hours to be able to explain to my mom that it wasn't my fault. But you know that's the average life of a middle schooler, fail a test just about every week. I go home and get yelled at, then stay up until 'bout eleven at night listening to music.

You know I think there are only three types of middle schoolers: the weak, the strong, and the hyperactive. The weak are the intellectual type, the kind that when you a ask them where the bathroom is, it takes them 15 minutes to to ya because they like to make their sentences "colorful." And you know by that time you don't have to go to the bathroom anymore, you're just gonna need some dry cloth. The strong are the kind of people that only have three replies to questions, huh, what, and it's wasn't me. The hyperactive....well....I only got one word to say about them, sugar.


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