So poor...

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Your family is so poor, they go to kentucky fried chicken to lick other people's fingers.

You'er so poor at Christmas your mom bought you a video tape of other kids playing with their toys.

Your family is so poor, you have to go home and take off your clothes so Your father can have pants to wear to work...

Your father is so poor he can't afford to pay attention...

Your family is so poor they window shop at K-Mart

Your parents are so poor they got married for the rice.

Your familys been on welfare so long your grandpa's face is on food stamps.

Your family is so poor, when I asked for something to eat your mother gave me a BLT: bread, lettuce, and tomato....

Your mother is so poor I saw her on the street selling loose M&M's.

Your family is so poor the roaches have to eat out or go hungry.


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C1CLZ_So poor...

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