The Brass Rat

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A man walked into a curio store and was shopping around. After awhile, he chose a brass rat and brought it up to the counter. The proprietor said, that will be $10 for the brass rat and $1,000 for the story behind it. The man said, "Thanks, but I'll just pay the $10 and pass on the story."

He purchased the brass rat and left the store. As he was walking down the street, he started noticing all sorts of rats following him. The further he walked--the more rats followed. He walked down to the wharf and still more rats came out and followed him. So, he decided to walk out into the water, which he did--and all the rats drowned.

He returned to the store shortly and when he walked in, the proprietor said, "Ah ha! You came back to pay the $1,000 for the story, right?" "No," replied the man, "I came back to see if you have any brass lawyers!"


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