Letter on Her Chest

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This lady is getting a physical at the doctor's office. The doctor looks her over and says she looks perfectly healthy, except for a big letter T on her chest. The doctor says "What's that T on your chest from?" She replies "My boyfriend plays football for Tenessee and when we have sex, he wears his jersey."

The next day, another lady comes in for the same reason, to get her physical. This lady also has a big letter on her chest, though an M. So the doctor asks her what it's doing there and she says it's from her boyfriend who plays basketball for Michigan.

This time, another lady comes in for her check-up. The doctor says "Well, ma'am, you're all healthy except for that big M on your chest. But let me guess, your boyfriend plays for Michigan, and every time you perform Sexual Intercourse, he wears his jersey." She looks at him and replies, "Close, my girlfriend plays for Washington"


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by Raeven W. 1+ years ago

whoaa snap! getcha freak on

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