Hiss in the Pit

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There was a momma python, and one day she started having babies. And she had babies and babies and BABIES! Finally, there wasn't any more room to have any more babies.

So she finally said, "All you baby snakes just go out and hiss around the pit". So they all went outside to hiss in the pit. But the momma python just kept having more babies and more babies.

Then one of the baby snakes came in and said, "Momma, there just ain't no more room out there to hiss around the pit". She just looked at him and said, "Oh just go over to Mrs. Pott's pit and hiss".

So all the little baby snakes went to hiss in Mrs. Pott's pit. But Mrs. Pott came out and yelled, "All you baby snakes go back to your own pit to hiss!"

So they all went home and the little snake went back to hiss mom and said, "Momma! Mrs. Pott won't let us is in her pit." The momma python said, "Well you just go back over there, and you hiss around Mrs. Pott's pit. If she says anything to you, you tell her that your momma remembers when Mrs. Pott didn't have a pit to hiss in!


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